New World – A Short Story by Honorine

I would like to share a special gift with you from a very special person. Honorine is my client and I’m continually awe inspired by her gentle silky smooth way of holding herself. This spills into her writing; so much depth, wisdom and spiritual sensualness. Thank you Honorine for sharing and for allowing us to […]

How Co-Active Coaching Can Facilitate Forgiveness…

How Can Co-Active Coaching Facilitate Forgiveness And Compassion For Ourselves And Others? Behind every person’s social mask* is concealed a form of suffering accompanied by a deeply engrained need. When we can identify this hidden pain and consequently uncover our vital needs, it soon becomes very clear how we can forgive and have compassion for […]

Work In Progress

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope to be able to share stuff in this space that inspires me and I hope it will inspire you too. This is a work in progress so may take a while to start filling up. Please follow me on Twitter or Pinterest in the meantime and where you might […]