As human beings, we will experience situations that will challenge us and create blocks within us.

When we do not take the time to acknowledge and sit with emotions that arise, our blocks can subtly build and live within us, having such a huge impact that we cannot see how they are manifesting in our bodies, daily lives and our interactions with others.

Breakdown in relationships, wrong life choices and perhaps even illnesses may occur as a result.

Following are some example situations where blocks may exist:

Lack of direction at work

Working in a role you do not enjoy

Having a lack of confidence

Transition between career or life choices

Working for yourself and chasing motivation

Moving country and having trouble fitting in

Being undervalued by colleagues, friends and even family

Putting others first

Being a single parent

Troubled relationships

Messy break ups

Death in the family


Awkwardness in social situations

Desperate or mild depression

Surface or crippling anxiety

…and all the other nuisances that weigh on us and are a part of life.