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Personal & Wellbeing:


Bea has made an incredible difference to my life by continually helping me to have confidence in the decisions I make, and to believe in myself.  I look forward to our sessions and wish they could last longer!  I often come to our sessions not knowing what it is I need to be coached on, but she gently helps the issue to surface.  Her techniques to strengthen and focus my goals are unique and I feel as if she is tailor making the way she works with me – every session is different!  Many times I have been stuck in fear, feeling as if superglue has been used on my feet, and she guides me to facing what it is that has literally rooted me to the spot.  I find her visualisations extremely powerful and even in my midst of confusion I can feel her with me every step of the way.  I cannot recommend Bea highly enough for the compassionate way in which she peels back the layers of doubt, confusion, and fear showing you a much bigger picture.  From this wide-angled vision, your decisions are far more decisive, and this assists you in staying on track to whatever your goal is.  I have seen great changes in my life after a short space of time working with Bea, and am on target to achieve all the things I wrote on a wish list at the beginning of the year.

Honorine M


Beatriz is a great coach. I felt very like I was in very safe hands. The coaching was at my pace and she gave me plenty of time to really explore the issues and my feelings. I would recommend her.

Julie S


Dear Bea, 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for 
the most incredible coaching session yesterday.
It was a real break through for me! and the learnings keep 
spreading and deepening.
It was like I was beginning to say farewell to my ego (and a “conditional/conditioned life”) and stepping into the true freedom of aligning with my true nature, which in turn is aligned with life as an ‘unconditional’ force that just keeps going no matter what, and which is incomprehensibly grand and ancient. I am not sure if any of this makes sense to you! but to me it was like a shifted sense of reality. The big question for me that I feel I explored in our session was:
Which is the ‘real world’? the one where you produce to prove your self worth (narrow perspective, ego perspective), or one where production/action/service comes purely from what moves your spirit (expanded perspective, spirit perspective)? 
Your coaching allowed me to move towards spirit and away from ego.
BE-coaching as its most beautiful and profound. amazing.
I will never be able to thank you enough
Big warm hug and deep gratitude
Emily xxx

Letter from Emily J




As a senior manager with a diverse portfolio and large team my own personal development often gets side-lined in favour of up-skilling the rest of my team.  Having a coach helps to address this – by having dedicated time where I can really concentrate on my own personal and professional development I have improved my self awareness and effectiveness in the workplace and by its nature the impact has transferred into other areas of my life. Working with Bea has been great; she takes time to understand what methods work with me and after a couple of sessions instinctively knew when we weren’t connecting. She stretches me, but in a supportive way. Her enthusiasm is infectious and to work with someone that gets as excited as you do when you have a ‘lightbulb’ moment is incredibly motivating.  

Alison Bunney MIEP

Business Development and Marketing Director

Seetec, www.seetec.co.uk